Fast Forward


Next breeding April 2021

I am planning on a repeat breeding of Fast Forward Tornado Alley and Dominator's Rebel Heir. Pups from the previous litter were well beyond all expectations.

I am now taking deposits for the anticipated breedin in 2021, please contact me for details.

Generally pointers are thought of as upland specialists but these dogs will do it all if encouraged and trained properly. These dogs are hunted in a variety of terrains from mountainous alpine for ptarmigan, to desert sagebrush for chukar, to praire grassland for sharptails, huns, and pheasants, to dense westcoast forest for grouse. They are also used for ducks and geese from shore or boats. They are hunted in streams, lakes, oxbows, and ocean estuaries.

These dogs, though they are high energy make good loyal and affectionate pets during the off season. They love a good cuddle and would opt for the couch or bed over their crate if allowed. As with any high energy dog they need regular exercise, on leash walks are not good enough, they need space to run.

Our philosophy at fastforward kennels is to breed for excellence. Consequently we will only breed when the best matchup of characteristics can be found. This results in fewer litters but better quality dogs, to become a lifelong companion and hunting partner helping you create wonderful memories.