Fast Forward


FastForward Tornado Alley

Fastforwards Tornado Alley is a product of the breeding of Stallion to Smaks Orange Crush. Crush conceived while on a trip to Lebanon MO. While in Missouri we had to dodge a tornado. Not something that is on my weather map coming from BC. Hence the name Tornado Alley. Stallion is Dr. Davey Deal (HOF) dog. Crush came to me from Sheldon Twyer and is heavily bred with Kelly Talkn Smak and the IB lineage.

Alley had a short field trial career due to two factors. Firstly she has such bird/prey drive that she has figured out that she can catch planted birds. She is great on wild birds. The other was the untimely death of her mother due to a cougar attack. This resulted in me going into a depressed state for along period of time and not being involved with trialing or breeding. Alleys brother Fastforwards BK Gunner has had a great field trial career being the top CKC points dog in Canada for two years in a row. Alley, in my opinion, is as good or better than Gunner, just not as well trained.

Alley is a great running dog. She has boldness and independence but still keeps an eye on you. She will adjust course from great distance to go with you when you change direction. Alley has incredible bird desire that was apparent from an early age. She will point wild birds and self relocate as needed to hold the birds for you. She grew into being a natural backer and retriever. She is very biddable with a sweet gentle nature around the house. She naturally adjusts for cover and shortens up in the thick woods with a bell, but stretches out to the limits when in more open country, with a GPS tracker. Those that have been around her love her personality, conformation and birdiness.

Alley is currently five years old and this will be her first litter of pups. Alley is the only entact female from the two Crush litters. For Alleys pedigree see the litter section.

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