Fast Forward


The history of Fast Forward Kennels

Fastforward Kennels got started with the arrival of Fastforward Pause from San Diego, CA. “Paws” as he was called was a true all age dog that would challenge the most experienced trainers. As my first pure bred dog I had a huge learning curve. Back injuries sustained from multiple rear end accidents in six months caused me to give up waterfowling due to the gear intensive nature of the sport. After 3 years of rehab I was able to develop a new normal and acquired a mixed bred (Pointer x GSP), Valentine, to return to hunting activities. Val allowed me to learn how to train the pointing dog. Up until then I was a retriever man.

My training skills with Val improved under the direction of a mentor, Dick Stone, and due to a now defunct website Val became a proficient birddog and got used guiding for several seasons. Clients wanted to buy Val, but first wanted to see her hunt pheasants. This got Val and I an invite to Mexico to hunt pheasants. On this trip I arrived in San Diego and met Sam Madamba the moderator of Sam had a litter of pups on the ground and offered me one. A few months later Fastforward Pause arrived in Port Alberni BC.

Paws became the dog that really forced me to learn how to train. Fastforward Pause became the number 2 Open Derby points dog for Canada. Beaten by only 4 pts, one dog equivalent in first place, by Trendsetters Dynamite an English Setter owned and handled by Brian Robinson. While we competed Brian and I were encouraged to form a dog club. We gave birth to the Vancouver Island Pointing Dog Club that had been defunct for over 20 years. I became the founding president and lead the club through the early stages of being incorporated under the societies act and becoming CKC recognized and able to run licensed field trials, hunt tests and shows. The club ran under a monthly format of teaching the members how to train, a short business meeting and potluck meal. The club quickly grew to 50 members and has been functioning well ever since. Paws became the demo dog for the club. Each month I would saturate myself and Paws in one aspect of training and then on the monthly session demo what we had learned. It took one year to take Pause from a misfit derby to a green broke dog. At the end we demonstrated a steady to kill point followed by a delivery to hand retrieve.

Shortly thereafter I had a change in work situation and had to leave Vancouver Island and the VIPDC. I started Fastforward Kennels in Oliver BC in 2008. Smaks Orange Crush was obtained from Sheldon Twyer in California. Crush became the dominant dog on the field trial circuit in Canada, winning top pointer of the year for 2011 for the NWFTC. The North West Field Trial Council covers WA, OR, MT, ID, Alberta and BC. Crush became the dog to beat in the Pacific Northwest until her untimely death at five years of age. She was killed by a cougar while visiting with friends at Christina Lake when enroute to Alberta to compete her in a field trial. Crush produced two litters.

Crush puppies have dominated the Canadian field trial scene for the last seven years. Calypso Cruzen Fastforward, Fastforwards Patch Adams, Fastforwards BK Gunner and Fastforward Dappled Dan. In one year three dogs from Fastforward Kennels took placements in the top ten points race for CKC. The only kennel that has done this in the history of CKC in any discipline as far as we know. Gunner took first place, Cruzer third place, and Patch took 9th. Two dogs in the top three from one kennel. Due to my depression from loosing Crush I never competed Dan or Alley for several years. I came close to giving up on all things dog related. If I had competed, I am sure, both Dan and Alley would have been in the top ten as well, resulting in 5 dogs in the top ten in one year.

I retired in 2018 from a career in Medical Laboratory Technology. I then went on a tour of the southern and eastern USA arriving at the Ames Plantation for the running of the Grand National in February 2019. I was able to observe many of the top stud dogs while field trialing my way across North America. I settled on my next breeding of Alley to Dominators Rebel Heir. Fastforwards Tornado Alley is the only entact female from the two Crush litters. I have had my eye on this stud for several years and due to unforeseen circumstances wasn’t able to get this breeding done sooner.

Notable dogs

Smaks Orange Crush

Smak's Orange Crush was a dog with a very intense point with a high head and tail. She has an excellent nose, good running speed and moderate shooting dog range. She is an excellent foot handled dog. This is a very biddable dog with an affectionate personality. Crush is triple registered with CKC, AKC and FDSB. Crush's pedigree is here

Crush is the daughter of Kelly's Talk'n Smak. Smak is a 9X Champion and 5x RU Champion. His genetics have contributed greatly to Crush's winning ways. Smak is a potential candidate for the bird dog hall of fame and was the top dog on the west coast until it was attacked and killed by a coyote.


  • First Place, Open Shooting Dog VIPDC Field trial, April 2013.

  • First Place, Amatuer Shooting Dog, VIPDC Field Trial, April 2013.

  • Second Place, Open Shooting Dog, BC All Breed Pointing Dog Club, June 2013.

  • Fourth Place, Amatuer Shooting Dog, BC All Breed Pointing Dog Club, June 2013.

  • 3rd Place Amatuer Shooting Dog, Cochrane, AB, Brittany Spaniel Club of Canada, May 14th , 2012

  • 1st Place Open Shooting Dog: Nanoose, BC, Vancouver Island Pointing Dog Club, April 15, 2012

  • 1st Place Top Pointer for the Pacfic Northwest Field Trial Council, 2011
    Crush is the top pointer in the area covered by the NWFTC. This area comprises Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, BC and Alberta.

  • 3rd Place Amatuer Shooting Dog: Merritt, BC, BC All Breed Pointing Dog Club, Sept 11,2011

  • 3rd Place Open Shooting Dog: Merritt, BC, BC All Breed Pointing Dog Club, Sept 10,2011

  • 1st Place Open Derby: Cochrane, AB, Brittany Club of Canada, May 14, 2011

  • 3rd Place Open Derby: Nanoose Bay,BC, Vancouver Island Pointing Dog Club, April 10,2011

Crush's pedigree

Fastforwards Pause

The Kennel's namesake. Fastforward Pause is the namesake for the kennel. He was a big running, hard driving dog with incredible bird desire. A very intelligent dog with a bold and independent nature, triple registered with CKC, AKC and FDSB.

Pause is now pointing birds on the other side, he will be missed.


  • Runner up: Canadian Derby Dog of the year, 2006.

  • 1st place Open Derby: Calgary Pointing Dog Club, May 2006, Cochrane AB

  • 2nd Place Open Derby: BC All Breed Pointing Dog Club, May 2006, Chilliwack BC

  • 2nd Place Open Derby: BC All Breed Pointing Dog Club, Sep 2006, Chilliwack BC

Fastforward's Dappled Dan: 2012

Fastforward Dappled Dan (DOB 07/Jun/2012) was the largest pup from the first litter and initially showed little bird desire so I got stuck with him. He was pure white at birth but slowly developed the dappling that lead to his name. His lack of bird desire changed when I hunted him with Pause and Crush as a five-six month old. His lack of desire made for a very frustrating pup to train.

What actually happened that took me awhile to realize was that he is so smart he gets bored quickly with routines and since training is a step wise process of segmented pieces,the repetition of training was actually setting him back. He developed quickly when I decided to stop with the regular training process and move straight to steady to kill. Lumping all the stages and pieces into one package.

He loves to hunt, retrieves well from land and water, and is broke steady to kill. Due to his young age he still shows a lot of puppy play in his training sessions. He is a very soft loveable mush, that makes a great house pet but at the same time has plenty of drive in the field.


  • Third place, Open Puppy, VIPDC Field Trial, April 2013.

  • Third Place, Open Puppy, BC All Breed Field Trial, June 2013.

  • First place, Open Derby, Edmonton Pointing Dog Club, May 2013

  • Second Place, Open Derby, Edmonton Pointing Dog Club, May 2014.

  • Fourth Place, Open derby, BC All Breed Pointing Dog Club, May 2014.

  • Second place, Open Shooting Dog, VIPDC, April 2019.

  • Third place, Open Shooting Dog, Brittany Club of Canada, May 2019.

  • Third place, Amateur Shooting Dog, Brittany Club of Canada, May 2019.

Calypso Cruzen Fastforward: 2012

Cruzer is a very successful pup from the 2012 Litter. Her owners, Howard amd Jayne Coneybeare, have done a great job training Cruzer.

As you can see this combination of excellent breeding and training is proving that the Fastforward Kennel is producing some great dogs.

Cruzer is currently and Amateur and Open Field Trial Champion. She is also an FDX and obedience champion.


  • 2nd Place Amateur Shooting Dog, Princeton, BC. BC All Breed Pointer Club, June 1, 2014

  • 1st Place Open Derby, Princeton, BC. BC All Breed Pointer Club, May 31, 2014

  • 1st Place Open Derby, Irricana, AB. German Shorthaired Pointer Field Club of Alberta, May 17, 2014

  • 1st Place Open Puppy, Cochrane, AB. Calgary Pointing Dog Club, May 27, 2013

  • 4th Place Open Derby, Parksville, BC. Vancouver Island Pointing Club, Apr 6, 2013

  • FDJ qualifying score, Parksville, BC. Vancouver Island Pointing Club, Apr 7, 2013

Fastforwards BK Gunner: 2014

Gunner was sold to Sergio Valez as a young pup. Gunner excelled rapidly under Sergio’s training regime. Gunner became a full field trial champion at one year of age. As far as we know this is the youngest field trial champion in Canadian history. By two years of age he was both an amateur and open field trial champion. For 2017 and 2018 was the number one points dog in Canada.


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